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Our company history dates back to 1972, when an enterprising young man established a tobacco store in a new retail location.  Our store was established in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lafayette Square Mall as a kiosk in the middle of the mall corridor.

Lafayette Square Mall was one of the first regional malls in the Indianapolis area and was very elite for its time.

That tobacco shop was purchased by Tinder Box International during the 1970's and was operated as both a franchise, and as a company store for several years.

Our current history begins in September 1989, when our company President, Randy Biggs, purchased a franchised tobacco store from Tinder Box International.

Randy Biggs, prior to purchasing the Tinder Box franchise, was regional manager for Union Mortgage Company, a subsidiary of Skop Bank of Denmark, in Indianapolis, Indiana, district manager of Gilbraltar MoneyCenter, a subsidiary of Gilbraltar Savings of Beverly Hills, California, in Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana, and for many years was associated with Beneficial Mortgage and Beneficial Finance companies.

During this period, the 382 square foot tobacco shop specialized in Cigars, Tobaccos, Pipes, Lighters, and collectible gifts.

Randy knew at the time of purchase that he wanted to restructure the store and go back to being a  traditional tobacco store.

Because of that desire, in 1992, Tinder Box at Lafayette Square Mall ceased to exist and the name was changed to THE TOBACCO SHOP of Indianapolis.

In June 1996, THE TOBACCO SHOP moved out of Lafayette Square Mall and into a 2000 square foot location.  The store was located at 4660 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254.

In September 1996, THE TOBACCO SHOP purchased a retail tobacco store in Circle Centre Mall, Indianapolis, Indiana.  In December 1996 the Circle Centre Mall store was forced to closed due to the property owners breaking a lease and awarding exclusivity to newer cigar bar in the mall.

Around the year 2000, Randy partnered with a customer to open Mister B's Cigar Box in Avon, Indiana.  Around 2002, the partnership disolved.

In January 2007, RANDY'S TOBACCO SHOP, INC. moved to the back side of the strip mall into a 4800 square foot location.  This is where the store is today.  It is located at 3854 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254

This location is at the corner of 38th Street and Lafayette Road, behind Arby's, just off of I-65 South in Indianapolis, and just about a mile north of the Indianapolis 500 Race Track.

In April 2013, Randy's Tobacco Shop retail store closed. 

We have satisfied over 500,000 customers since 1989 and would like to add your name to our satisfied customer list.

We specialize in tobacco products and accessories.  We carry a full line of premium cigars (over 52000 in stock), Roll-Your-Own Cigarette supplies, lighters, pipes, pipe tobacco, pipe accessories, and cigar accessories.

Surgeon General Warning:
Cigars Are Not A Safe
Alternative to Cigarettes!

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