Richwood Filtered Cigars

Richwood Filtered Cigars are perfect for when you don't have a lot of time.

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Richwood Filtered CigarsRichwood Filtered Cigars are a little cigar wrapped in a Homogonized Tobacco Leaf wrapper, and are made with a blend of premium Kentucky Burley Cigar tobaccos.

Richwood Filtered Cigars are blended with toasted Kentucky Burley cigar tobaccos which provide a distinctive taste with a smooth finish.  This blend also results in a slow - burning premium tobacco flavor with a pleasant aroma.

Each pack has 20 Filtered Cigars in them.  A carton of Richwood Filtered Cigars is 10 packs.

*Note* Richwood Filtered Cigars are exempt from the shipment ban imposed under the PACT Act; additionally, they are exempt from the ban on flavored cigarettes in the United States, as Richwood Filtered Cigars are Cigars not cigarettes.

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Surgeon General Warning:
Cigars Are Not A Safe
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