How to keep your cigars fresh at Randy's Tobacco Shop

A guide to helping you keep your cigars fresh.

First of all lets assume that your tobacco does not have preservatives in it. (If preservatives are in the tobacco, like most commercial blends, then it will have a specific shelf life).

Most tobacco will be fresh for a very long time if the tobacco is stored properly.

1. Keep the tobacco in an airtight container.

        A. A word of caution though. You don’t want to store the tobacco for long periods of time in an airtight container without exchanging the air inside the container. Or without airflow over and through the tobacco. The tobacco might develop mold if stored in an airtight container for long periods of time. And mold is not good for tobacco.

        B. A good container could be a humidor. A good wood humidor lets the tobacco breathe. Meaning the wood lets moisture escape but holds moisture in as well. And with a humidification device inside the humidor the tobacco will stay moist through the evaporation process from the humidification device.

2. Keep the tobacco moist.

        A. You want your tobacco moist enough to stay fresh. But not wet. You are the best judge as to how much moisture you want in your tobacco. Some people like their tobacco dryer than others.

        B. A good humidification device should keep the tobacco moist through the evaporation process from the device.

Can tobacco be restored if it has dried out too much? Yes, I think it can. You can lay the tobacco out in a thin layer and mist the tobacco with distilled water until it is moist enough for you.

Can I just keep my tobacco in my refrigerator, doesn’t this work. I would not recommend keeping tobacco in a refrigerator. The refrigerator acts like a big dehumidifier and takes moisture out of the tobacco. I wouldn’t recommend storing tobacco in a freezer as well. The tobacco will have a tendency to form ice crystals in the freezer and could be too wet to smoke once you take it out of the freezer.

Keep your tobacco at room temperature until you smoke it. You will enjoy your tobacco so much better. Hope this helps a little.

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