Why you need a humidor at Randy's Tobacco Shop

Why you need a humidor and what it is

Ok, first of all a humidor is nothing more than a storage device where you can store your tobacco and try to keep it fresh.

The key words are storage and fresh.

Whatever you use to store and keep your cigars/tobacco is ok as long as the cigars/tobacco are being kept fresh.

Over the years, everything from a tupperware type bowl, handcrafted wood boxes, to a walk in room are being used as a storage device for tobacco products.  Each of these work extremely well if humidified (with moisture in the air) and kept at a constant temperature.  I recommend a humidity of around 70 percent and temperature around 70 degrees.  Just because a suggestion has been made as to humidity and temperature percents and degrees, you don't have to have the humidity and temperature exact.  Let the tobacco decide what is right.

Some areas of the country are more humid than others and some areas are more stable in temperature than others.  When you are storing your tobacco and the humidity and temperature settings are not exact, don't worry.  If your cigars and tobacco are still fresh, then your humidor is doing its job.

I've had some customers worry that their humidor is not keeping the humidity at 70 percent.  Their thinking is that if it is not at 70 percent then all of there tobacco is going to not be fresh.  But, when I ask them if there cigars/tobacco is fresh the resounding answer is most importantly, Yes!  Then I try to assure them that indeed if the cigars/tobacco are fresh then the humidor is doing its job just like it is suppose to.

Also, some questions have been raised as to the air tightness of the container.  Sure you want your humidor to be able to retain moisture but again don't be a stickler about the air tightness.  Let the humidor breath. If you have to recharge your humidification system more often, so be it.  Just make it a weekly regiment and your cigars/tobacco will be fresh and you'll be happier.

If you have any questions about your particular humidor system then email me and I may be able to help.

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