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Randy's Tobacco Shop personal pipe tobacco blends have given pleasure to pipe smokers the world over for many years. We are justifiably proud of our "exclusive personal blends". Many of these tobaccos are blended exclusively by us to insure the quality never varies. Many of our newer tobaccos are blended to our exacting standards and formulas by the most prestigious tobacconists in Europe.

Developed by pipe smokers for pipe smokers, Randy's Tobacco Shop personal tobacco blends burn cool and mild, with no "bite". yet they offer the pipe smoker a wide variety of tastes and aromas; aromatic (sweet) and non-aromatic, from light and subtle to rich and exotic.

Choosing Your Pipe Tobacco Blends

Your taste in tobacco is as personal as your handwriting. Finding the tobacco that's just right for you requires experimentation. That's part of the fun and enjoyment of pipe smoking. When trying out a new blend, remember; it takes at least 6 bowls to burn away the taste of the old tobacco. Only then can you enjoy the true flavor of the new tobacco

Randy's Tobacco Shop tobacconists are knowledgeable, skilled professionals, they will be able to answer your questions about tobaccos and assist you in the selection of the "perfect blend" that suits your taste exactly.

Below is a listing of the pipe tobaccos that we have stocked in the past and their industry specific names.  Any quality tobacco shop or tobacconist should be able to get the equivalent blends should you ask.

Afternoon Delight = Lane HS3 Morning Delight = Lane RLP6
Evening Delight = Lane BCA Black Spice = ACP Black Kathy
French Vanilla = Peter Stokebye 9F Danish Gold = Peter Stokebye 9
Golden Anniversary = Peter Stokebye 3 Cherry Pirates Cove = Peter Stokebye #31
Bahama Mama = 70% Champagne

10% Peach, 10% Golden Anniversary, 10% Very Cherry

Champagne = Peter Stokebye #35
  Peach = W/T Peaches & Creme
  Golden Anniversary = Peter Stokebye #3
  Very Cherry = Lane #114
More Blends to come in a few days.  
if You Need a Specific Tobacco Blend that I carried in the past, post a comment on Randy Cigars blog or, comment on my Facebook Page.  
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