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Here is a great recipe to make your own Clove Cigarettes.

Djarum Clove Cigarillos

Do you miss your Clove Cigarettes now that the FDA has banned them?  Well, we have a solution for you.  Now you can Roll Your Own Clove Cigarettes!

Now you can Make Your Own Clove Cigarettes at home, just as easily as you can make regular cigarettes.  This recipe was provided to us one of our valued customers, and she's more than happy to let us share it with you. I have tried it, and it is great!

The supplies you need to Make Your Own Clove Cigarettes using this recipe are available below.*
Or you can switch to Clove Cigarillos, you can view what's available here:
Makes 6 ounces of Clove Tobacco for Rolling Your Own Clove Cigarettes.


-6 ounces of Tobacco.  (Depending on your preference, you can use whichever of our blends you like, but if you smoked Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes, our customer recommends you use our Blend 99.)
-3 ounces whole Cloves.  (Whole dried cloves can be purchased at better grocery stores.)
-Vanilla Extract.
-Clove Essential Oil.  Our customer recommends Dura Smoke, available here.)
-Ground Nutmeg.  (You probably already have this in your kitchen.)
-Optional Ground Cardamom.  (You may not have this in your kitchen, but it's easy to get in the spice aisle of a grocery store.)
-Optional Stevia, or sugar water.


-Blender / Spice Grinder
-Large mixing bowl
-Optional: BBQ or basting brush.


Put the cloves into a blender/spice grinder, and grind coarsely.  (About 20 seconds)  Getting the ratio of clove to tobacco can be a matter and taste, but for a Djarum Black type flavor, our customer recommends a 2:1 ratio of tobacco to clove.  So, if you are making 6 ounces of the blend, (remember, 6 ounces of tobacco is enough to make about a carton of cigarettes) then you will want to have about 3 ounces of ground cloves.  (Remember, this recipe is approximate, you can adjust the tobacco to clove ratio to suit your tastes.  At the listed ratio, you will actually have closer to 9 ounces of Roll Your Own Clove Cigarette Tobacco.)

In mixing bowl, combine tobacco, ground cloves, a dash of nutmeg, and a dash or two of cardamom.  Mix, being careful not to be too vigorous.  If you mix too hard, you may break the tobacco into pieces, and it will not roll right.  When the dry ingredients are well combined, add 2 caps Vanilla Extract, and 30-50 drops of Clove Essential Oil.  Stir carefully to coat the tobacco and spices with the liquid ingredients.

Allow the tobacco blend to completely dry.

Make Your Own Clove Cigarettes at home!


After making your clove cigarettes, use a BBQ or other basting brush to gently brush the filter end of your clove cigarette with the Stevia/sugar water solution, and allow to dry.  This step will add the sweetness to the filter that some Clove Cigarettes have.

Enjoy!  Remember, the proportions can be altered to suit your individual taste.

***Thanks again to our friend and customer who provided us with this recipe.  She hand makes a variety of soaps, body lotions, and other natural products, available through her website.


*Clove Cigarettes are very oily. Due to this factor, cleaning and maintenance of your rolling machine is important. Make sure that your roller is clean or it may jam eventually. Make sure you dry the tobacco thoroughly before using an injection machine. We cannot recommend using an electric machine for this since we have no idea if it would cause the machine problems or not. Be cautious when you Roll Your Own Clove Cigarettes!
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