Cigarette Rolling Machines

Start saving money today by rolling your own cigarettes.

Electric Cigarette Making Machines and Manual Cigarette Making Machines to roll your own cigarettes by injecting the tobacco into the empty cigarette tubes.

Powermatic II Electric Cigarette Injector Machine Click Here To See Video.  
Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Maker.  Click here to see video.  
Zen Super Shooter Cigarette Injector Zen Super Shooter  
PREMIER Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine Premier Supermatic I Injector Machine  
PREMIER Excel Cigarette Injector Machine Premier Excel Injector Machine  
Premier Supermatic II - Cigarette Tube Injector Premier Supermatic II Injector Machine  
Premier Regular King Size Injector Manual Handheld Injector Machine  
Powermatic I Manual Cigarette Injector Machine Powermatic Manual Injector Machine  
New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine Top O Matic Cigarette Injector Machine  
Zen 70mm Metallic Box Automatic Cigarette Rolling Paper Machine Roller Zen Automatic Cigarette Rolling Box  
Zig-zag 70mm Single Wide Cigarette Rolling Machine Zig Zag 70mm Cigarette Rolling Machine.  
  Click Here To See Catalog Pages of cigarette injector and rolling machines.  


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