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A Quick Guide To Order With Our Secure Shopping Cart.

1.Browse through the catalog.

2.Enter a quantity for an item and click the Add To Cart button.

3.Review the Shopping Cart Contents. Delete an item or change a quantity and Apply Changes.

4.Continue shopping to add additional items from the catalog.

5.Change shipping option if desired with Shipping & Handling link.

6.Click Payment Info button complete the form with contact, billing and shipping information, credit card number and expiration date, then Submit Information

7.Click on the Process The Order & Send To Fulfillment button to complete the order


How To Place An Order

It''s easy to shop at this online store using Secure  Shopping Cart system.

•At any catalog page review the description of the product (s).  For each item to be ordered, enter the quantity required, if a box (field) is provided, choose the features & options ( style, color & size), and click the add to cart button before going to another catalog page.

•A list of your current purchase order (Shopping Cart Contents) will be displayed with a subtotal and a base shipping & handling charge. You can change the content as described below.

•You add more items to the cart by going to any catalog page and repeating the above.

•Use the continue shopping button to return to the Store.

•Use view cart button to review the contents of your the shopping cart.

Changing The Shopping Cart Contents

  • To empty the shopping cart and start over click the empty cart button. •To remove any line item from the shopping cart contents check the box in the "delete" column an click the button. •To change the quantity ordered of any line item replace the current quantity with a correct quantity and click the button. •You change the shipping & handling by clicking Shipping & Handling link and selecting the appropriate shipping choice (ie:Domestic Courier or International Courier) and click the button. •Use the button to return to the previous display. •Use the to display a plain version of an order to print or fax to the merchant.

Process the Order - "Checking Out"

When you have finished adding items to the cart and have chosen the appropriate Shipping & Handling option you complete the order by providing contact, billing, shipping, and payment information by clicking the button from the shopping cart contents display.

•If this is the first time you have purchased from this online store click the button and fill in the Buyer's Information & Payment Form. Note that asterisked (*) items are required. Create a password for the next time you shop at this store. When finished, click the button , and a full Invoice will be displayed with a provided BuyerID.

•If you have shopped at this online store before enter your BuyerID and Password and click the button and the Payment Information will be filled in from what was provided previously. The full Invoice will be displayed. To make any corrections and/or changes to the payment information (double check the credit card information), click the button. After making changes click the button, returning to the Invoice display.

•Review your complete Invoice/Purchase Order

•Use the button to display a plain version of an order to print or fax to the merchant or for your records.

•To complete the order processing, and submit for credit card authorization if applicable, click the button on the Invoice display.

•Your order will be forwarded to fulfillment.  Please record the Invoice Number for future reference.

Note: If you are not using Navigator or Explorer versions 2.0 or greater, your browser may not support secure transactions.

We would like your shopping experience to be easy and enjoyable. If you have any difficulty using this site please contact us via email

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