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Electric Cigarette Maker

This is hands down the best electric cigarette maker on the market!

When i found out this Electric Cigarette Maker was available, I just had to let you know about it.
 WARNING: Your Electric Cigarette Maker is not for commercial purposes, It is intended for your personal use only!
 Why is your this machine only for personal use? Well listen to this story:
 I attended an Annual Convention of Tobacco Dealers a few years ago and talked to a representative of a tobacco company who makes roll your own cigarette tobacco and supplies. I asked him when his company was going to come out with and electric cigarette machine that produces more than one cigarette at a time.

This is what he told me:

The major cigarette companies have most of the patents on electric cigarette makers and the machines they use cost in the tens of thousands of dollars or maybe even hundreds of thousands. 

They simply don't want a machine on the market that consumers can use to make their own cigarettes. they would lose tons of money if that happened.  

And besides, if you have an electric cigarette maker for consumers that makes more than one cigarette at a time, then the federal government would want to tax and control the machines for the tax money. You would have to get a special permit, because the federal government would say you were a manufacturer.
 (A federal license must be obtained for the manufacturing of cigarettes. The only exception is for a person who produces cigarettes solely for their own use. This license must be obtained from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. (ATF).)
 That all made sense to me, so I didn't believe an Electric Cigarette Maker would ever happen.
 But now it's here. Watch it go to work for you!
 When I got my machine in the mail I opened the box, pulled the machine out, and started making cigarettes right away. But that’s just part of the story. 

Just like when I was a kid and I got a Christmas present, I wanted to see what was inside the box and play with it right away. Oh, I knew I was suppose to read all the instructions and directions first, but I wanted to see how the machine worked right away.
 I remember the night before Christmas one year, I had bought a new bike for my son and was trying to put it together. I decided, for once, I would read all the directions and instructions before trying to put this bike together.
 (I am famous for not reading the directions or instructions and just moving ahead and putting parts together and I almost always have parts left over.) Well, I opened the instructions and to my surprise they were printed in Spanish.
 I turned the page over, thinking that the English print would be on that side. And what do you think was there, French, every word was in French.
 Boy was I teed off.
 So here I am late at night on Christmas Eve trying to put this new bike together without instructions. Well, I finally got it put together and guess parts left over.
 The truth is, when I got my Electric Cigarette Maker in the mail it felt just like Christmas to me. And guess what? It comes with complete instructions (with pictures) and written in plain English. It’s ready to use right out of the box.

Your Electric Cigarette Maker is easy as one, two, three:

Step 1. Pour tobacco into the hopper.
Step 2. Add a filtered cigarette tube.
Step 3. Push a button.
Step 4. You have a perfect cigarette.
Step 5. Make a pack of cigarettes in 2 minutes.

Watch the video at the top of the page to see Your Electric Cigarette Maker in action!

Until now, only the major cigarette companies could afford Electric Cigarette Makers. But now - its not as expensive as you think.
 If you are a carton a week smoker, like me. You spend anywhere from $37.00 to $77.00 a carton each week on cigarettes depending on the state you live in. So that means you could save money with this machine after only 2 months if you spend $77.00 a week on cigarettes. Or if you spend $47.00 a week on cigarettes you could save money with the Electric Cigarette Maker after only 4 ½ months.

Cost of Fresh Choice Machine

# Packs Per Day

Monthly Cost with Fresh Choice & Tobacco and Tubes

# Months To Make Money Back

You Could Save Yearly

You Could Save Monthly





































  Amazingly simple, surprisingly affordable, and it’s finally here. Your Electric Cigarette Maker is backed with a full-year warranty.
 P.S. Order yours today and start making a pack of your own cigarettes in 2 minutes and save some money too!