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Shipping Information

This Statement outlines the Shipping Terms governing all purchases made through this website, regardless of whether the order was transmitted via the internet,  via telephone, or via mail service.

All orders are shipped according to the vendors guidelines outlined on the vendors terms or shipping pages.  Please refer to those pages.

Payment Method

Payment terms will be displayed on the shopping cart at checkout for the different vendors.
Any fees incurred by us from any bank, or credit card company, due to any chargebacks, NSF fee (Non-Sufficient Funds), or any other fee incurred by us in pursuit of payment for products from this site are subject to a $25.00 chargeback fee.

Security & Privacy of Information

Your e-mail address will only be used for correspondence from this Storefront or any vendor that you purchase a product from and will not be provided to any other service or business.  For complete information on our Privacy Policy, click here.

Sales Tax Guidelines

Appropriate sales tax will be charged for all orders based on the provided billing address state.

Other Taxes

All other taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Any and all federal or state reporting requirements are the responsibility of the purchaser.


None of the products on this site are intended for resale.

Surgeon General Warning:
Cigars Are Not A Safe
Alternative to Cigarettes!

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